How to Be Human

by The Classic Crime

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    releases April 28, 2017

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Introduction to Dance
Spare Time
Shades of Green
The Third Way
Hold On Let Go
Black & White


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releases April 28, 2017

Produced by Michael (Elvis) Baskette and Matt MacDonald
Engineering and digital editing by Jef Moll
Mixed by Michael (Elvis) Baskette
Assistant engineer Kevin Thomas
Recorded and mixed at Studio Barbarosa, Orlando, FL
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NY

Cello recorded by Brian Chan
Violin recorded by Caleb Chan

Cover art by Renee Robbins (
Art Direction & Design by Alexander C. Sprungle (

Songs written by Matthew James MacDonald, Scotsman (ASCAP)

The Classic Crime is:
Matt MacDonald
Robbie Negrin
Paul Erickson
Alan Clark

Copyright (c) 2016 The Classic Crime Music Inc., released in partnership with BC Music, 4611 11th Ave NW, Suite 4,
Seattle, WA 98107, Manufactured & Distributed in the US by Future Management / Amped Distribution, a division of AEC



all rights reserved


The Classic Crime Seattle, Washington

A 4-piece band interested in making good songs for a long time.


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Track Name: Holy Water
midnight stop on the street red light  
feet on the ground and it feels right
quiet besides the engine I
escape into paradise
it goes green and I’m back at top speed
not another body in sight  
i am this perspective
I’m the witness tonight
I am alone but I'm alive
every drop of holy water
comes from the ocean
every atom in my body
comes from exploding stars
billions of years ago

outside craning your neck blue sky
stretching your back with your arms wide
talking deeps breaths to purify  
you’re pretty sure you that you
could be certified
there is no god-damned thing in sight
it’s all deemed good in his eyes 
you are this perspective
you’re here to witness the light
you are alone but you're alive 

all that rises must converge
its only pain that makes us learn
exclusive, separate
turns infinite to infant
so I dive in and I get burned
the depths are deep and dark and hurt
baptize and resurrect 
each death a new perspective

every drop is holy water
all of us are sons and daughters
every breath inhaled
is heaven sent     
Track Name: Not Done With You Yet
life can be senseless
I try to make sense of it
flashing fake smiles at my friends
beats defenselessness 
I cannot clean up a mess
without making more
it’s time to settle the score

I can’t be charming
if you can’t be charmed
if you give me everything that I want
I will disarm
you are the only one
who can stop me from giving up
and just my luck

you always have the fall before the lift
whether you drink to remember
or drink to forget what you did
I am the closest thing
to a modern day poet fraud
but I met god
in a velvet elvis painting that I painted myself
in a bar where I was
pulling off the bottom shelf
when I had to quit before I killed myself
I met him there and I was scared

and so I asked god if he could fix my flaws
he said I gave them to you 
I know they are killing you
but I'm not done with you yet

I can be a wreck with my friends
to act impressive
I can drink too much and then
curse away the sadness
ranting like a lunatic
walking with a bottle of wine
and I’m not fine because
I spent ten years on the road
that made me different
I created patterns of thought
got new perspective
I was just once immigrant son
of a silenced preachers wife
but black and white both died

so when I asked god if he could fix my heart
he said I gave it to you 
I know it’s broken in two
but I’m not done with you yet

I once met god in an apartment floor and said I give it to you
I’ve got nothing more
and I’m not done with you yet
Track Name: Ghost
A young man lacking sense
sells his soul to circumstance
his movements indecise
he does not know that it will cost his life
she’s a harlot
boisterous and rebellious
her husband gone this fathers daughter
leads the young man to the slaughter

In shadows you sleep
too careless to see
the things that matter most
so much that when you
are faced with the truth
you look like you’ve seen a ghost

a young man lacking sense
pushes on to consequence
he lives to feed his flesh
the scavengers will clean up what is left
she’s a harlot
simple and persuasive
with seduction she always gets her way
her bed will be his early grave

but I still know the shadows evidence the glow

I’ll only be your ghost
I’ll only get so close
I’ll only be your ghost
In shadows we sleep
I’ll only be your ghost
Too careless to see
I’ll only be your Ghost
when faced with the truth
I’ll only be your Ghost